About Matt heffernan & liv lif


"You are a GREAT man....you inspired me deeply last week...Thanks for who you are and your incredible spirit...regardless the scars you have. You, Matt, are a true fighter.

Thanks for choosing life...and thanks for choosing to share your story with me. I'm a better man because of it."

-John O'Leary - Author of National Best Seller "On Fire"

"Matthew is the rarest of all the breeds when it comes to corporate training: He is well versed in the multitude of topics that he presents on. He has real world experience that augments the source material. And his presentation is an experience: anecdotal as well as informative, entertaining as it is enlightening."

-Jason H.

"Matt is one of those unique people that can motivate, inspire and intrigue an audience of 1000's or a single individual. An amazing speaker, organizer and business person Matt is someone you want speaking to your group. From high-tech training to motivation, Matt can speak to any topic with insight. I've had the pleasure to hear Matt on many occasions and hope to have the opportunity again soon."

-Bob U.

"Rarely does someone deliver material with the enthusiasm Matt displays. His knowledge of the material, preparation and ability to deliver material in a captivating and fun manner is outstanding."

-Chris B.

E.J. McGuire, Former Director of NHL Central Scouting. Former Assistant Coach with the Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Blackhawks and Ottawa Senators. Matt worked with E.J. for the Chicago Blackhawks. Unfortunately, E.J. passed away from cancer in 2011.

Original Letter

June 7, 1995


I’ve returned from some hockey-related scouting and note-taking trips to find your most recent correspondence. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I wanted to respond quickly, though the brevity of this note will not surely do justice to the degree of how meaningful it was to me. Actually, it came at a time of year when I conduct a bit of “self-analysis” of where my career is heading, and after enduring another “lean” year in the win/loss column, I admit to being in a “woe is me,” self-pity stage. Your note helped bring me back into a more “perspective” frame of mind. (i.e., here I am: in the profession which I love, well-paid, chose my position with an expansion team knowing full well what to expect from the win column, great city, etc. etc.) It made me think about the paraphrased lesson about a guy who complained about not having new shoes and coming upon a man who has no feet.

I share some of the same cultural nuances of Irish-Catholic upbringing, work your way throughout school years, etc. yet the hurdles you’ve faced and cleared are far more substantial. I’m proud that you met the challenge. The weird irony of such things is that – although experiences as you’ve described are never pleasant to go through and we’d never wish them on anyone else – they, in reality, do make us stronger, more resilient human beings. I like the way you summed up with a firm focus on “conquering obstacles” which lie in the future. I noticed a lot of some of the same terminology of “working through” the tough times which we, as coaches, try to use to foster “team character” attributes. Tough times indeed don’t last, tough people do . . . and you’re one of them.  I feel confident you’re well-equipped to meet (and hurdle) your next adversity.

And I look forward to continuing our “contact” throughout the next several turns of our respective careers.

Your Pal,


Letter from EJ McGuire after Matt Revealed the LIV LIF Story to EJ in a Letter

Matt Heffernan endured a childhood of physical and sexual abuse. A chance sighting of a license plate on his way to commit suicide stopped him. That license plate read, "LIV LIF." We are not always responsible for what happens to us but we are responsible for how we react to it. Life presents each of us challenges in business and personally. How we react to those challenges determines the outcome. In school, we are taught a lesson and then take a test. In life, we usually get the test and then have to learn the lesson so we need to change our way of thinking in order to recognize the lesson.

Matt's attitude and passion towards life embraces those challenges as learning opportunities. Learn the LIV LIF Methodology and adapt it to your business and personal life in order to truly LIVe LIFe!!!!!!!!